Record Shelf Installation Instructions

To achieve the floating effect we use keyhole slots in the back so mounting your new record shelves to the wall is simple.

Things you’ll need:

Masking Tape


Spirit Level

No 10 Screws and appropriate wall plugs

Step 1

Locate the keyhole slots on the back and put some masking tape on the spirit level where those slots are. Now mark the centre of each slot on the masking tape.

Step 2

Bring your spirit level to where you want it on the wall, make sure it’s level then transfer the marks to the wall.

Step 3

Using the appropriate screws and wall plugs drill your holes and insert screws so that each one is protruding about 10mm.

Step 4

Line up each of the slots on the shelf with the screws and push so that it’s flush with the wall, now slide it to the right to lock in place.

Step 5

Pick your favourite records to display and play!